On September 11th, 2001, Nicky set off from Jersey to start the work in Ecuador and has built up a team of people passionate to improve its palliative care.  Jersey has a policy of direct involvement in projects supported by the Jersey Overseas Aid committee.  Dr Nicola Bailhache, had been associated with that and frequently made trips with teams to carry out specific projects.  She went to hear John Harte of Orphaids speak at a meeting in Jersey, leading to her visiting Ecuador to see the work that was being done. That gave rise to a number of work projects, but the lack of palliative care (the strongest pain killer generally available to someone dying of cancer was paracetomol a.k.a. Tylenol TM) led her to decide that she would go back to work in Ecuador in order to:

  1. Provide palliative care.
  2. Provide the equipment and drugs essential to palliative care.
  3. Educate people involved in caring for the dying on good palliative processes.
  4. Encourage government to provide more facilities and encouragement for palliative care.

This is under the umbrella of an Ecuadorian Trust called Fundación Jersey.

We, Fundación Luz Y Vida, provide funds and support from Jersey to Fundación Jersey to support the work.

Cuidados Paliativos en Ecuador

The team above is Fundación Jersey. Dr Nicola Bailhache is third from left in the back row.  They are providing physical, medical, emotional and spiritual support in the dying and grieving process.


Fundacion Luz y Vida 2011

(Light and Life)